Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

In Capra's most patriotic film and scathing indictment of dirty politics, Jimmy Stewart plays Jefferson Smith, an idealistic young man who loses his innocence when he is unknowingly appointed as a party stooge to the Senate by corrupt big machine politicians trying to pass a shady graft bill.


Jean Arthur as Clarissa Saunders
James Stewart as Jefferson Smith
Claude Rains as Sen. Joseph Harrison Paine
Edward Arnold as Jim Taylor
Guy Kibbee as Gov. Hubert 'Happy' Hopper
Thomas Mitchell as Diz Moore
Eugene Pallette as Chick McGann
Beulah Bondi as Ma Smith
H.B. Warner as Sen. Agnew
Harry Carey as President of the Senate
Astrid Allwyn as Susan Paine
Ruth Donnelly as Emma Hopper
Grant Mitchell as Sen. MacPherson
Porter Hall as Sen. Monroe
Pierre Watkin as Sen. Barnes
Charles Lane as Nosey newsman
William Demarest as Bill Griffith
Dick Elliott as Carl Cook
Billy Watson as Peter Hopper
Delmar Watson as Jimmie Hopper
Johnny Russell as Otis Hopper

Story by
Lewis R. Foster

Screenplay by
Sidney Buchman

Directed by
Frank Capra

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