"Sarah Pale In Comparison"


words and music
copyright 2008 by
Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby

John McCain chose a running mate, he chose the best qualified
'cause he looked at his short list, and she's the least tall, if I'd
Had to predict which one he'd have picked, she's the one
Sarah, Pale in Comparison

She spent twenty long months as Alaska's governor
Nine of those months with a bun in the oven, her
Publicist said she was tested and ready to run
Sarah, Pale in Comparison

It's a beautiful day
For Kay Bailey Hutchison
And Condoleezza Rice
Is saying, "Thank you so much!" an' sin-
-cerely, I know Hillary's so full of admiration

She's a vicious attack dog and Miss Congeniality
Doesn't know what the VP does, but that's a technicality
Glad to be in the race just to visit new places like Washington
Sarah, Pale in Comparison

Actually, she was his second choice...
He got tunred down by the mayor of Narnia...

She can make a moose stew
She can flay a caribou
When they asked for her assessment of the crisis in Iraq, she said she hadn't given it much thought
Good one, Sarah , boo yah!

The VP must be ready in case of catastrophe
So no one can say she's McCain's latest ass trophy
'cause Biden's a square, and he can't wear his hair in a bun
Not like Sarah, oh Sarah
Pale in Comparison

She wears skirts just like a woman

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