The Presidents

In the order that they served:
1.George Washington
2.John Adams(died July 4th 1826 50th birthday of the nation)
3.Thomas Jefferson (died July 4th 1826 a few hours before John Adams)
4.James Madison (President during the war of 1812)
5.James Monroe(4th Virginian to hold office)
6.John Quincy Adams (The first ex-president to have his picture taken)
7.Andrew Jackson (a founder of the democratic party)
8.Martin Van Buren (1st president not to have experience the Revolutionary war)
9.William Harrison (died 31 days into his term)
10.John Tyler (1st vice president to assume office upon the death of a president)
11.James Polk (President during the Mexican American war)
12.Zachary Taylor (1st President never to hold any prior office)
13.Millard Filmore (last president who was neither democrate or republican)
14.Franklin Pierce (1st President born in the 19th century)
15.James Buchanan (1st president never to marry)
16.Abraham Lincoln (1st president assassinated)
17.Andrew Johnson (1st president to be impeached)
18.Ulysses S. Grant (1st president to serve two full terms since Andrew Jackson)
19.Rutherford B. Hayes (1st president to take the oath of office in the White House)
20.James Garfield (2nd president to be assassinated)
21.Chester A. Arthur (was a Civil War General)
22.Grover Cleveland (only one to serve two non-consecutive terms 1885-1889 & 1893-1897
23.Benjamin Harrison (the only president who was a grandson of a president)
25.William Mckinley (3rd president to be assassinated)
26.Theodore Roosevelt (the only president to receive the medal of honor)
27.William H. Taft (1st president to be buried at Arlington)
28.Woodrow Wilson (the only president buried in Washington D.C.)
29.Warren G. Harding (ranked as one of the least successful presidents)
30.Calvin Coolidge (signed a bill granting Native Americans citizenship)
31.Herbert Hoover (term started 1929, the same year the great depression started)
32.Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the only president to be elected for four terms)
33.Harry S. Truman (was only vice president for 82 days, then F.D.R died)
34.Dwight D. Eisenhower ( 1st president to be constitutionally forced from office, could not run for a third term)
35.John F. Kennedy ( 4th president to be assassinated)
36.Lyndon B. Johnson (was the 2nd tallest president 6ft 3in, Lincoln was 6ft 4in)
37.Richard M. Nixon (the only president to resign from the office)
38.Gerald Ford (the only person to serve as vice president and president without being voted in for either)
39.Jimmy Carter (president for four years)
40.Ronald Reagan (the oldest man to be elected president)
41.George H. W. Bush (president during the Gulf War)
42.William J. Clinton (1st democrate to win reelection to the presidency since F.D.R.)
43.George W. Bush
Eleven presidents had been generals prior to taking the office:
10.B. Harrison

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