A Python in the White House? by Neil Clark

The US Presidential race just gets wackier and wackier. Now it transpires that Republican hopeful John McCain has selected former Monty Python star Michael Palin (above) as his running mate. When I first saw the newspaper headlines: 'McCain opts for Palin', I was somewhat surprised. I didn't know that Palin even possessed an American passport (I suppose he must have picked one up during his around the world travels). But on reflection, I suppose the choice makes perfect sense. McCain has clearly chosen Palin for four reasons: 1. he's trying desperately to get the all-important lumberjack vote; 2. he's after the support of die-hard Monty Python fans, 3. Palin is an expert on 'New Europe' haven't recently travelled there for his new BBC series. He'll be able to explain to McCain the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia and where Latvia is. 4. McCain is showing that he deplores, unequivocally, the Spanish Inquisition.

Against that, Palin's role in the controversial film 'Life of Brian', may lose McCain the support of some Christian voters, while Palin's support of Sheffield Wednesday FC will obviously alienate Republican-leaning Sheffield United fans (all six of them).

If McCain does defeat Barack Obama in November, then Palin will be only a heart-beat away from the White House. And given McCain's advanced age, we could well witness the first ever Python to become President of the United States of America. John Cleese must be going green with envy. Well, I suppose a glittering career in American politics could have been his too if he hadn't gone away to run a hotel in Torquay......

The news headlines inform us that 'Palin is to make a speech at the Republican Convention tonight'. How many times do you think he'll mention lumberjacks?

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